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Rob Swartz
Rob Swartz

On February 20, 2005, I lost my brother and a great friend. Rob was a great guy with a great family - his wife, his kids, his wife's kids, lots of kids that called him dad, softball buddies, horse buddies, friends of all types and family - you name it, Rob had a tremendous circle of people that loved him a lot! Literally, hundreds of persons will miss him! And, bro, I am going to miss you too - a lot!

Rob Swartz on his horse Miss Rob Swartz and his horse Miss
Rob loved his horse Miss and Miss loved him right back!

LaCoal & Barney
LaCoal and Barney at about 4 weeks.

As I update this page in April of 2005, I am happy to report that Zeppelin is doing fairly well. I have two new additions to my family LaCoal and Barney. Just before Thanksgiving, 2004, I found two kittens in one of my barns. They were only about 4 weeks old and had to be fed with a syringe for a couple of weeks. The black one is a female and I named her LaCoal she is black like coal and the name is kind of a takeoff on Nicole. Since I found them in a barn, the male is named Barney. They are healthy, getting all their shots and growing like crazy. Barney is going to be a big cat, while LaCoal is going to be kind of petite. Eventually, I will be adding them to the "My Kids" page, but for now this is all I have.

ZEPPELIN: If you want to know more about Zeppelin and see additional pictures and video, please go to Zeppelin's story.

The picture to the left is of my dog Zeppelin. He is an amazing little dog. In January of 2003, he became crippled. He was unable to walk at all and at first was not able to sit up to eat or drink water from a bowl. I gave him water from a syringe for about a month. Then on Memorial Day weekend, after several months of dedication, patience and love on my part, I was working on my computer, looked down and he was STANDING next to me. He is still a bit unsteady on his feet, but walks and runs fairly well. He does have a little trouble standing on three legs to do his boy dog thing, however. For more about Zeppelin, go to my story about Zeppelin.

I have added a small gallery of pictures of myself at various stages of my life. That is accessible at Greg's Gallery. In a recent trip to see my aunt, I have learned some very important and interesting information about my father's ancestors - the Swartz and Cross families - and will be posting new pictures and stories about them.