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ABOUT my web site!!!!

This is a really great picture of Greg.
Greg on New Year's Eve in 1985.

On this web site you will find stories about my first loves, my dogs, cats, nature and the Kansas City Chiefs, as well as some Kansas City history and information about the neighborhood in which I live. I am, also, interested in science, the environment, religion, history, and politics. You will find more about those subjects on my web site entitled the Age of Reality. I am very much opposed to laws allowing the concealed carrying of weapons and you can find those views on my other web site entitled Stop CCW (concealed carrying of weapons).

Also, I am president of and maintain the web site for the Community of Reason in Kansas City, Missouri. We are a center for free thought and a home for secular humanists, atheists, agnostics and other free thinkers. Feel free to visit that site as well!

The picture on this page was taken on New Year's Eve in 1885. Okay, it might be vanity; but, if one can include a guy's high school or military picture on his obituary notice when he dies at 90, then I can include a younger picture of me, too!! I'm not dead yet, though. If you want to see some other pictures of me, both older and newer, you can see them at Greg's Gallery.

This site was created in HTML without the use of templates or special web tools. I am self-taught and am not an expert, so, if these pages do not display properly, please send me an email.

There are several links to web sites as well as to individual pages within web sites. I do not control those sites. If you click on a link and you get a message that “The page cannot be displayed” it is probably because the site or page has been moved or no longer exists or there was a temporary unavailability of the link. If the site has been moved you usually will get a redirect to the new site. If the page has been moved, you might be able to find it elsewhere on the web site. If either the site or the page has been deleted, then it is no longer available. If the unavailability was temporary, going back and clicking the link may work. I will try to keep the links current, but as the site grows, it will be more difficult. If the link is to a document, I might have it in my records. Please let me know about any problems!!!!!

I am trying to keep this site fresh, but sometimes I spend my time on my other sites! I am really enjoying creating these pages, sharing things that are personal to me. It is kind of a toy. The stories about my animals are memorials to my best friends (both alive and deceased) who I take care of like they are my own flesh and blood. Hopefully, the genealogy information will be useful and readily available to my relatives. Learning about my ancestores leads me to learn more about the history of the area where I live, the United States and the countries from which my ancestor's came. And, of course, the Chiefs have been my preoccupation since I got out of school and could afford the time and money to follow them.

Please feel free to comment on anything on this site via email.