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Of all the things for which there is to live, it seems that the foremost is to be able to see nature and the immense beauty of our world and the universe. Living in the country or close to it, provides many more options for seeing nature than if I were living in the city. I am not a professional photographer, but do try to take pictures of the nature that surrounds me. I have many pictures and am always on the lookout for more. Below is what I have posted. When you hover over the thumbnails, you should see a short explanation of the picture. Click the thumbnails for a larger picture and an expanded explanation of the circumstances behind the picture. If you rip them off of my web site and use them in some way, please give me credit. Thanks!!!

Ice Ice Baby
Backyard after ice storm of 2002.

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Spider Web - 2004.
Spider Web - 4/8/2005.